When you see Brendan Cleary, what immediately comes to mind? Standing at 5’10’’, the Englishman packs a heavy punch whilst taking the reins of the rugby pitch. The last thing you’d expect to come from his chest are dulcet tones and incredibly catchy melodies.

Brendan is a 23 year old singer/songwriter who’s career has seen him write and gig across the UK and Europe.

Moving to London at the age of 18, Brendan has spent time honing his craft in both Ireland and the Lake District, where his home was always filled with the likes of The Beatles, The Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor, all of whom he cites as big inspirations for his musical style. Since moving to the capital, Brendan worked tirelessly to improve his stature as a music artist and songwriter; enrolling on to BIMM London’s Songwriting course, joining the infamous London gig circuit and enjoying regular airplay on BBC Introducing and local independent radio stations. One of his promoters in London has been quoted as saying: “He offers a wide variety of thoughtful and well-written original music that sparks emotion in the audience” as well as “Everything he does is believable and makes you really want to listen to what he is saying”.

Brendan has supported acts like David Gray, Paddy Casey and Brian Kennedy to name a few. His time in Ireland has been invaluable to him as a singer/songwriter. It is clear in his music how influenced he has been by the Irish music scene.

Brendan has also worked with songwriters from; Graham Henderson (Sinead O’Connor), Belen Arjona (Latin Grammy nominee) to F/H block and the TMS production team which reinforces his diversity as a Songwriter.He is currently working on new music but in the meantime he is discovering his talents as a top line writer for Tim Van Werd and Aidan Black to name a few!



16/03/2019 - Trader Vics (Park lane)

21/03/2019 - K west hotels (Shepherds bush)

22/03/2019 - The Drayton Court (West Ealing)

23/03/2019 - The Ned (Bank)

23/03/2019 - Connolly’s (Chiswick)

29/03/2019 - One over the ait (Kew bridge)

05/04/2019 - The Ned (Bank)

06/04/2019 - The Prince Blucher (Twickenham)

07/04/2019 - McGettigan’s (Fulham)

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